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26.10.2017 00:00 Alter: 3 yrs

Weimar Triangle and Visegrád Group:
What contribution to the future of the EU?


On 26th October 2017, the Genshagen Foundation organizes a conference in Bratislava devoted to the two cooperation formats within the European Union. The aim of the project – supported by the International Visegrad Fund – is to stimulate the exchange on the future of the European Union between expert communities in the Visegrad Countries and in France and Germany. In cooperation with several project partners the Genshagen Foundation intends to bring together experts from those six countries in order to compare the functioning of the Weimar Triangle and the Visegrad Group. The joint reflection on different mechanisms of compromise building within the two formats shall increase the level of understanding of diverging perspectives and strengthen joint responsibility for the European Union.


The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund



This project is conducted in cooperation with the Embassies of the Weimar Triangle countries in Slovakia.

This event is by invitation only.

Project partners:
Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava
Institute for Western Affairs, Poznań
Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Budapest

Contact person: Ryszarda Formuszewicz