"Europe: United In_Equality?” Evening Discussion with Ivan Krastev

The discussion with political scientist Ivan Krastev explored how European integration – understood as Europe growing together politically, economically, socially and culturally – can involve the continent as whole.
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21 November 2023, 17:30 - 19:30

After many years of neglect, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has shifted the EU’s attention beyond its own boundaries and has led to a new (or renewed) commitment to fostering a united Europe that includes the East and South East of the continent. But how much equality is needed to achieve a united Europe or, put the other way round, how much inequality can it bear? Do the EU and the ‘European way of life’ still have a force of attraction for citizens in candidate countries? And what can the EU, for its part, learn from the countries and societies in the East and South East of the continent?

The discussion was enriched by contributions from young artists and researchers from the Weimar Triangle and the countries of East and South-East Europe, who explored various dimensions of (in)equality in Europe as part of the transdisciplinary project "United in_equality?". The participants created a wide range of project works – research papers, analyses and essays, literary texts, audio features, images and illustrations, a musical journey and other artistic performances – which they presented during the event.

The event programme is available here.
All project works can be found in the publication „Europe: United in_equality?”

Partners: ERSTE Foundation

Supported by: ERSTE Foundation, Federal Foreign Office


Discussion with Ivan Krastev

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