Genshagener Papier N°19

(Re-)Engaging our Partners to the East, What the Weimar Triangle should do for the Eastern Partnership

November 2017
Laure Delcour, FMSH, EU-STRAT project, Paris
Paweł Kowal, ISP PAN, Warsaw
Barbara Kunz, Cerfa Ifri, Paris
Kai-Olaf Lang, SWP, Berlin
Florent Parmentier, Sciences Po, Paris
Daniel Szeligowski, PISM, Warsaw

Elsa Tulmets, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin Against the backdrop of the need for deep reflection on how the European Union should engage its Partners to the East, the Genshagen Foundation established a trilateral working group of experts in 2017. The purpose of the project was to stimulate the exchange within the Weimar Triangle on the Eastern Partnership with a view to the 5th Eastern Partnership summit scheduled to take place in Brussels on 24 November 2017. The underlying idea was to bring together and reconcile three national perspectives on the European Neighbourhood with their divergent priorities, interests, perceptions and concepts. In addition, the working group has explored the role that the Weimar Triangle could play in supporting and improving the European Union’s common stance.
The following recommendations present the results of four working meetings that took place at the Genshagen Foundation on 30-31 March, 20-21 April, 8-9 June and 24-25 July 2017. The analysis and proposals for political action are based on the substantial contributions of experts from France, Germany and Poland.
The project and publication was funded by the German Foreign Ministry.